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Beverly Hills Doctor Reveals “Stem Cell” Secret to Anti-Aging Wrinkle Cream


(Beverly Hills, CA.) Jeunesse Global™ , a billion-dollar anti-aging skin care company with 32 fully-operational corporate offices worldwide announced today that the Company’s popular LUMINESCE® Eye Firming Gel anti-aging “wrinkle cream” (created with proprietary stem cell technology) is now available to US consumers for the very first time. Previously, this premium anti-aging wrinkle cream (developed by a world-renowned Beverly Hills MD) was ONLY AVAILABLE to consumers in select Asian markets. According to the Company, an impressive 80 million applications of this popular “stem cell” wrinkle cream were purchased by consumers in Asia over the past two years. To date, over $800 MILLION DOLLARS in Jeunesse LUMINESCE premium skin care products have been purchased by consumers on six continents internationally in 140 countries worldwide.

Dr. Nathan Newman; World-Renowned Beverly Hills MD and Creator of LUMINESCE

Creator of LUMINESCE, Dr. Nathan Newman, M.D. has found a way to help restore youthful vitality and radiance to the skin. Dr. Newman is the “stem cell” mastermind behind the LUMINESCE growth factor complex, (a key ingredient in many of the Jeunesse™ anti-aging skincare products) including the proprietary APT-200™ COMPLEX (Advanced Polypeptide Technology) which contains over 200 beneficial peptides. Dr. Newman is a world-renowned cosmetic surgeon and board-certified dermatologist with a fully-accredited and respected cosmetic surgery practice in Beverly Hills, California. Driven by his purpose, Dr. Newman began searching for a topical treatment (early in his career) to help patients recovering from burns and severe injuries.

Today, he is well-respected in America and beyond for being a pioneer in the use of stem cells. Dr. Newman is also a popular dermatologist and skilled cosmetic surgeon with “clients” among the Hollywood “elite” (including celebrities.) Stem cell technology and growth factor research have been a critical focus for the medical community for decades, but has also seen an increasing application in the health and beauty industry in recent years. Dr. Newman is renowned for his work at the forefront of cellular technology and stem cell research creating “non-surgical” premium skin care products with multiple benefits including the LUMINESCE Eye Firming Gel.

What is the #1 Concern of Women as they Gracefully Age?

( Answer: Wrinkles, Dark Circles and Bags under their Eyes.)

Dermatologists are always trying to find the next skin care product to remove wrinkles, dark circles and bags under the eyes. According to the Company, Dr. Newman’s growth factor complex was created to improve cell performance and longevity, delivering results from home, at a fraction of the cost. "Jeunesse has been successful at leveraging this special growth factor complex that slows down the appearance of the aging process" says Dr. Newman, “and we are thrilled to offer the LUMINESCE Eye Firming Gel to our loyal skin care customers here in America.” The Company’s website states that this “stem cell” anti-aging wrinkle cream delivers “dual” short-term AND long-term benefits to those who want to “take years off their appearance” PLUS… “minimize the look of fine lines and wrinkles to restore your skin’s youthful radiance” (with APT-200.)

Additional benefits highlighted on the Company’s website state that the LUMINESCE Eye Firming Gel can “take years off your appearance and minimize fine lines for A MORE REFINED APPEARANCE.

Jeunesse Global; 2017 ABA Company of the Year with $1.41 Billion in Global Sales

With $1.41 BILLION dollars in global sales (for 2016) and 32 fully-operational corporate offices internationally, Jeunesse has countless satisfied customers in 140 countries worldwide. Jeunesse is fulfilling its collective mission is to change people’s lives while making Jeunesse a household, world-renowned brand. Founded in 1999, Jeunesse continues to experience unprecedented growth while making a real difference in the global community. Winner of multiple prestigious business and leadership awards including the ABA (American Business Awards) “Company of the Year” and the Grand Stevie Award 2017, Jeunesse is dedicated to creating a positive global impact by helping people look & feel young. The Company's skin care and nutritional products are made in the USA exclusively for Jeunesse and make up the comprehensive YES Youth Enhancement System®. Jeunesse is a global brand you can trust.


More About Dr. Nathan Newman, M.D.

Emerging from a family of internationally prominent physicians, Dr. Nathan Newman, M.D. is carrying on an important legacy. He is published in many prestigious medical journals and is a speaker/lecturer at numerous international medical meetings. He has also been interviewed by international print, radio and television media as a recognized authority in applications of stem cells. He was honored by America's Registry of Outstanding Professionals, as well as the Cambridge Who's Who for his leadership, dedication and entrepreneurship as a cosmetic surgeon and a pioneer in stem cell technology. He also currently serves as a medical spokesman/advisor for Jeunesse and is a medical expert on the Company’s global panel.

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